What Women Have Said


“… this is much needed in our community.” RB

“… the permission to share my thoughts and experiences.  I believe cleansing leads to healing.” MN

“The interactive (exercise) about epigenetics was very effective.  We need to be acknowledged and acknowledge others.” MR

“Small group size worked very well.  This can be a very helpful step towards black people lifting themselves up out of despair.”  KJ

We need to learn how our past influenced our present.  These patterns that have become our life can be broken.”  LC


“The size of the group worked well.  Often we don’t take the time to reflect on how we manage “life”.  We need to reflect and rejuvenate.”  CS

“Identifying the connection between ancestral trauma and my responses.  We can begin to look at and heal the wounds.” OD

“The information on epigenetics (worked well).” LH

“Naming the pain.  That is so important. We need to do something about the pain.”  LD

“Being allowed to express my anger with the group who supported me.  Many are not willing to do deep work because they don’t even know that deep healing is needed.” PD


“Safe space for healing and growth.”  KD

“I appreciated the energy work being specifically cultivated to each individual’s work.  I think it’s crucial for black women (and men) to align ourselves with ancient ancestral healing. It’s not some you can dip your toes into, you have to become immersed.” MR

“It helped to get clear on how I show up with a pattern and why.” FH

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