How It Began

Folks have often asked me “how did The Soul Restoration Journey start?”

So here’s the story:

One August night in 2013, sometime around 3 AM, I was awakened by an actual voice! The Voice said “Write a workshop on healing from racism!”.

I’m like WTF, it’s 3 o’clock in the morning!

And then I sat up in my bed, gave a big sigh, turned on the light, got a pad and pen and started writing.

I had enough sense not to mess around with the ancestors because I didn’t want them materializing in my bedroom. I respect the spirit world too much!

So I wrote. And wrote some more. And wrote some more the next day, the next week, the next month and kept going.

Eventually I had my notes pretty well organized, so I invited some friends to join me in a focus group, to see what they thought about this stuff…and they thought it was good! They thought it was useful. They thought it was relevant! And most importantly, they thought it had the potential for healing some long-held wounds we carry as Black women.

So I did a few more focus groups and the sentiment was still “yes, this is good.”

And then the obstacles started….

In 2014 I had a stroke which left me with no vision in my left eye.

I struggled with depression.

In 2015 I found it necessary to find a new home, quickly (some other time we can talk about gentrification in Philadelphia!).

Prayers were answered, miracles occurred, and I believe the ancestors guided me to my wonderful new home….one that I subsequently found out was directly across the street from an Underground Railroad station!

And through all of this, I came to believe that the ancestors are guiding my writing and the creation of this workshop. I am grateful and in awe.

In these past several years a one-day workshop has grown into a three-day residential intensive. And I am still in awe.

I know now without any doubt that the ancestors guide the work…and I am still truly grateful that they don’t materialize in the middle of the night!


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