Excavating and Eradicating Oppression: Uncovering the “-Isms”

September 23, 2021 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
ZOOM (register for link)
Whitney Porter

A 5-Week Workshop Series by the Soul Restoration Collective

Our Mission

The overall mission of The Soul Restoration Collective is to restore the authentic brilliance of our true selves. We come into the world with absolute love and light. Because we are human, the shadows of our world often quickly dim our shine. Intergenerational traumas, social conditions, and the very bodies we are born into can make joy, connection, and healing feel unreachable. By excavating the roots of our oppression through education, discussion, and healing work, the Soul Restoration Collective aims to help people find wholeness and connection through the reparation of damages both within and outside of our control.

Fall Workshop Series

This fall series will offer individuals the opportunity to decide which areas of themselves and our culture they want and need  to explore more deeply. Over five sessions we will begin to unpack the foundations of oppression including racism, sexism, humanism, ableism, and more. Many of us hold internalized oppression as “the way things are,” but The Soul Restoration Collective leadership team believes that we can heal within ourselves and through our connections to others to minimize and eliminate violence and harm both outside and within ourselves. 

If you are ready to “do the work,” look inward, and examine both the impact of and your participation in systems of oppression, this is the series for you. As a participant you will be asked to dig deeply into your traumas both known and unknown. We will also ask you to consider your participation and complicity in the oppression and harm of others. All of this can be painful and difficult, however, the program is also scaffolded with space to release and recover along the way. Over 5 weeks, the series will move in a “funnel” from broad to narrow focus. Let’s work together to begin to uncover what has been covered for so long. 

Session Descriptions

Thursdays from 6:30pm-9:00pm via Zoom Beginning Thursday, September 23

Session 1: Digging for the “Roots” of Oppression: In this session we will look at some of the origins of the oppression many of us face today. We view the rise of the “patriarchal model” as a significant starting point. We’ll cover all the basics in this session including definitions and vocabulary to use in the rest of our weeks together. (2.5 hours)

Session 2: Sexism, Gender Issues, and Sexuality: In this session we will explore the powerful effect of our experiences of gender, sex, and sexuality. As we move through our traumas around identity and experience, we will also investigate how we have been insensitive or unaware of the experiences and truths of others. (2.5 hours)

Session 3: Race & Racism: Now that we’ve discussed some of the foundational oppressive positions, we will carefully examine the deeply ingrained racism that is so persistent and damaging in our culture. This session will focus on creating space for Black and other persons of color to elevate their voices while white participants are asked to engage with empathy. (2.5 hours)

Session 4:  Ableism & Neurodivergence*: This session asks you to consider in what ways you’ve been trained to view some people, behaviors, and ways of thinking as “normal,” and what judgements or criticisms that are placed upon those who do not fall in line. This session asks you to broaden your perspective about ways of thinking and being in the world to encourage greater acceptance. (2.5 hours) *Includes the spectrum of “differently” minded/abled folks including ADHD, Autism, and other cognitive differences.

Session 5: Justice/Injustice, Anger, and Bridging Our Divides: Over the past 4 sessions, our examination of deeply rooted trauma and oppression may have brought rage and anger to the surface. We will explore constructive vs. destructive anger as well as the difference between holding boundaries vs. seeking annihilation. In this session, we will ask you to work with anger, both yours and others’, to gain awareness and to find constructive ways to harness the energy of anger towards justice and greater care for others and yourself. (2.5 hours)

Other Details

Registration fee: $300  non-refundable registration fee. Must commit to all 5 sessions.  Includes digital resources as well as participant journal and workbook. 

Who can participate? This workshop is open to participants 18 and up. Space is limited to the first 18 registrants. All levels of knowledge and skills are welcome. Please do not be discouraged if you don’t recognize terminology or feel you may not know enough to participate. If this workshop resonates with you for any reason, please register using the form below. 

How will sessions be held? This is a virtual workshop that will take place via Zoom. Participants are asked to join with cameras on for each session. 

What else is required? Each session requires reading and/or viewing along with journaling and reflection activities to be completed before each session. 

How do I register? Fill out this form no later than 09/07 and we will review your application. 

Other considerations? Each workshop will discuss potentially triggering subjects such as abuse, violence, racism, homophobia, and other forms of oppressive and harmful experiences. While the leadership team will scaffold each workshop with support, we ask that you take care of yourself as needed if a program becomes too intense or difficult.

The Soul Restoration Collective Leadership Team

Whitney Porter is a Teaching Fellow and doctoral candidate at Kent State University. She is finishing her dissertation on the healing power of monsters. Whitney has a passion for teaching through an intersectional approach and has a deep love for the power of story to connect us.


Erva Baden is the founder of the Soul Restoration Journey and a contemporary shaman who weaves together various healing modalities with compassion and humor to journey with folks who are committed to their own path of deep healing and transformation. Her focus is on healing from the inter-generational traumas of racism.
She is a Reiki master with more than 25 years of experience in facilitating deep emotional process and release work nationally and internationally in men’s, women’s, and mixed-gender circles.

Lach Brown is a Veteran as well as a volunteer Firefighter/EMT who has been involved with, and a leader in, “Men’s Work” for over 20 Years. A co-founder of Spiritual Alliance (Spiritual Warfare Effectiveness Training), Lach has a strong belief in service.


Maik Bain Has a Masters Degree in Social Work, with almost 30 years experience providing counseling services for individuals that are diagnosed with chronic medical illnesses, who have substance abuse and/or mental health challenges. In the past. Maik has assisted individuals with HIV/AIDS in the NYC Correctional setting in receiving medical care, has substance abuse rehabilitation, mental health services, and supportive housing. Presently Maik is a council member of the Metro New York Tri-state area Mankind Project (MKP) Community, a Ritual Elder, and a leading facilitator/trainer and staff member of MKP. He also helps to create culturally safe spaces for participants in order for them to do their healing work.


Steve Dowdle is a mentor and coach on life, health, and recovery and is an MKP Leader emeritus.



Dr. Jonathan Cohen is a licensed psychologist who has led groups nationally and internationally with the Mankind Project. Exploration of both white and male privilege has been central in that work.

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