These are not unprecedented times.

Our ancestors are calling.

Calling us to remember what they have endured and how they survived.

And their resilience still lives in us.

We hear our Ancestors’ voices and recognize their wisdom.
Join us as we combine new and ancestral healing techniques to reclaim the true radiance of our souls.
We do this work to strengthen our communities.
We do this work for our future generations,
for ourselves and for our predecessors.
And we rise strong, confident and radiant!

What Is the Soul Restoration Journey?

How Did This Work Come About?
How Did This Work Come About?
The Voice woke me out of a sound sleep, and said, "It's time for you to create a workshop for African American women to heal from the traumas of racism!"
Why were the ancestors calling on me at 3:00 a.m.?
About Erva
About Erva
Meet Soul Restoration Journey creator and facilitator Erva Baden, a contemporary shaman...
What Does This Work Offer You?
What Does This Work Offer You?
Black folks carry the legacy of oppression in our bodies, our minds, and our souls.
This workshop offers Black women the chance to uncover racism's lies and step into the truth of who we are.

Closed for Temporary Medical Leave


The Soul Restoration Journey is on temporary hiatus
while Erva Baden undergoes treatment for longtime and worsening sciatica.
Look for us to return in mid-February!

Participants Have Said...

“The interactive (exercise) about epigenetics was very effective. We need to be acknowledged and acknowledge others.” ~ MR

"This can be a very helpful step towards black people lifting themselves up out of despair.” ~ KJ

"We need to learn how our past influenced our present. These patterns that have become our life can be broken.” ~ LC

“I appreciated the energy work being specifically cultivated to each individual’s work. I think it’s crucial for black women (and men) to align ourselves with ancient ancestral healing. It’s not some(thing) you can dip your toes into, you have to become immersed.” ~ MR

“It helped (me) to get clear on how I show up with a pattern and why.” ~ FH

“Safe space for healing and growth.” ~ KD

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